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A Few more Testimonials.....

Educational Associates & Affiliates provides a unique experience that’s both inspiring and life-changing; and one of the best ways to learn about our stellar services are from a few of our parents.

David Wiegand

"Educational Associates & Affiliates provides exceptional life and educational coaching. But for their dogged determination, remarkable patience, understanding of kids on the spectrum, and overall professionalism, my son would not be graduating from the University of Maryland (with a Bachelor of Science degree) this summer".

Mr. and Mrs. John & Cecelia Smith

Sometimes it takes a while to recognize that someone has special abilities to motivate and have others believe in them . Furthermore, it is also difficult to see success in such a short time frame … and to imagine that together they can have your child do even greater things in life than what they’ve accomplished in earlier years. In a rare moment of time a special group of professionals emerge in my circle. That group is called Educational Associates and Affiliates. Our Son, his Mother and I are very grateful for the “Leadership" of this wonderful program”.

Ray Horn

“After my son returned home due to an unsuccessful freshman year away at college; my wife and I decided to look for help. Enrolling with EAA, my son was able to manage his anxiety in taking the Accuplacer placement test. After a semester of review he was successful in moving forward. EAA’s high level of attention and prompting has elicited a very strong level of motivation from my son which has gone a long way toward improving his attitude. He is excited about the next term”.

Robert & Mickie Monsheimer

"For those with a child that learns differently and wonders how your child will deal with college; a potential answer has helped our son. Educational Associates & Affiliates has helped in so many ways, including preparing our son for class schedules and the related scenarios of scheduling, accommodations being understood, walk through of the campus, and making sure his goals are met. During every session, the EAA Coach ensures he knows what to do, when to do it, and what materials to review to make sure our son is completing all his assignments accurately and timely. The use of Educational Associates & Affiliates has given our son a great shoulder to rely on and still makes him personally responsible for completion".

Sandy & Scott Becker

"Our family are extremely happy with the results Educational Associates & Affiliates are providing. We are so pleased with the guidance given to our oldest son that we decided to hire EAA to guide and support our younger son. There focus on accountability, discipline and preparedness have been key ingredients in both of our sons’ success. We have been very impressed with the weekly reports, the follow through and the overall structure. The best part about working with EAA is that they truly care about the students, their future and their level of confidence in supporting goals. EAA has had a significant influence on our entire family and we are very appreciative of their service”.

Jennifer Vassilas

"I have been researching government and private services for months that will provide our son with a highly-structured week day schedule while he works toward a more independent and meaningful life. This HAS NOT been an easy task. There are no agencies/organizations that embodies all the pamphlets that I need. It is often a hit and miss, keeping my ear to the ground and learning as I go.

I want to share with you one resource that has paid for itself over and over, and we are just beginning with them.

When I began working with EAA, I could feel the winds of hope lifting me up once again. Within 2 days of a verbal agreement, our son’s new academic coach had designed a highly-structured weekly schedule that includes 2 College courses, a volunteer job that he will work at 2 days a week, much needed physical activity and time to have a life-skills coach work with our son in our home and community. The Coach took time to get to know our son and write a plan that supports his unique needs. When I told my husband about what he had done, he shook his head and said, "finally, someone who believes in our son like we do!" If you know of any parents of post-secondary students who have learning difficulties that impede their progress toward a meaningful and successful future, please pass the following information on to them. It is so hard to find organizations that really care and try to make a difference and this may help them in their efforts".

Suzanne & Herbert Friedman

"My children, both young men, have struggled with traditional education throughout their lives. Although with their challenges, they’ve always wanted to move forward in their respective educational plans. My husband and I soon learned Universities that "offered supportive services” always fell short when understanding the needs of our unique sons. A friend of mine referred us to Educational Associates & Affiliates. With their support, my young men, are achieving their goals. Whether facing college and seeking a job, EAA, has coached, tutored and supported my boys in a supportive and productive manner".

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