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How can EAA assist with your son’s/daughter’s academic trajectory goals?

EAA designs an alliance between the coach and student for the purpose of fostering success in an educational environment. EAA maintains an individualized process that facilitates goal clarification and achievement. The main purpose of EAA is to stimulate and motivate students toward their scholastic goals by providing structure, support and feedback.

Does EAA work with neurodiverse populations?

Yes, EAA’s customized approach is tailored to assist any student with a variety of needs. Our staff are equipped with the necessary tools to serve as conduits for securing disabilities services at each respective college or university. The majority of our coaches have been employed in Disability Supportive Services or have worked with special needs students and are extremely knowledgeable on strategies to support unique populations.

What does a typical session look like?

There’s no “typical” session. For the first several meetings, EAA coaches will work to discover how the student learns best while developing action plans aimed at assisting students with completing course assignments. Additionally, EAA coaches will provide support with organization skills.

What are the requirements for admission into the program?

Following the processing of an EAA application, a formal interview with our Director, and all contractual matters are finalized; students are admitted into Educational Associates and Affiliates. Clients are encouraged to apply and be accepted into an institution prior to enrolling with EAA. This will expedite our customized services.  Schedule a Free Consultation appointment regarding our services.

How long do students participate with Educational Associates and Affiliates?

“Participation length” varies from student to student. It depends on the client’s short term and long term goals. However, given our affordability and quality of services; most of our clients stay the length of their collegiate program.

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