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In two thousand & twenty two, the U.S. Department of Education on Post-Secondary planning, concluded that 47% of high school students entering colleges and universities are unprepared and “ill-equipped” to handle the academic complexities associa​ted with the institution of choice (percentages are even higher for students with a diagnosed learning disability). Although there have been an influx of early intervention methods at colleges and universities to curve attrition rates; academic advising services as a whole continue to fall short with respect to efficacy standards.

EAA aims to combat these percentage numbers by supporting a model that increases visibility and opportunities for skill acquisition amongst students and educational stakeholders.



Every week students will meet with an EAA Coach for sessions in academic planning, academic advising, and organization.


We believe in collaboration rather than standing alone. Much like our program title, Educational Associates & Affiliates are rooted in our connections to institutions where our students attend.

Preventive / Proactive

EAA employs Proactive Advising (also known as intrusive advising), by connecting with students before they begin to struggle. Although intrusive at first, we build on the student's strengths to transition gradually; thus empowering the student to become self-sufficient and ultimately their own self advocate.

Crisis Intervention

We focus on resolving the immediate problem through the use of personal, social and educational resources.

"Proof is in the pudding"

Founded in 2009, as a pilot program; EAA started with its  first cohort group at a private college. Within the first year, 97% of EAA students earned a cumulative 3.8 GPA and proved to be an unstoppable force in promoting and demonstrating collegiate success. Since then, EAA continues to produce stellar results and has evolved to several colleges and universities domestically as well as abroad.

Academic Planning/Tutoring

  • Regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings.
  • Assistance in short/long term trajectory plans and semester organization.
  • Coaches will assist with helping students stay accountable to their academic plans.
  • Referral to other appropriate campus resources and supports.
  • EAA Tutoring will strengthen a student’s understanding of course material. Additionally, our "subject matter professionals" will help students become independent learners by improving learning strategies. 

Academic Advising continued....

  • Assistance with researching collegiate professors.
  • Assistance with obtaining resources/materials for a productive semester (textbooks, ID cards, notebooks, etc. etc.).
  • Assistance with utilizing campus resources (library, learning labs).
  • Assistance with advocacy/communicating and meeting with educational stakeholders (i.e., professors, DSS counselors)
  • Assistance with receiving periodic professor feedback on performance.

Academic Advising

  • Regularly scheduled, one-on-one meetings.
  • Assistance with completing course work.
  • Assistance with completing college material (registration, declaration of major, graduation, etc. etc.)
  • Assistance with acclimation (admissions/enrollment, transfer credits, tours to classes and resource facilities-library, learning labs, emailing introduction letters to professors).
  • Assistance with securing accommodations (if applicable).
  • Assistance with selecting courses.

Organization Support

  • Regularly scheduled, one-on-one meetings.
  • Assistance with strategies for working through specific academic challenges (executive functioning, time management, priority management, etc., etc.…)
  • Assistance with developing a schedule to balance academic and social appointments.
  • Assistance with test-taking strategies, and study prep skills.
  • Assistance with identifying strategies to help students perform at their maximum aptitude level.
  • Assistance with investing in learning opportunities that coincide with the students’ particular learning style (concrete, abstract, etc. etc.).
  • Assistance with organizing course syllabi.
  • Assistance with developing a plan to complete course assignments.


The goal of academic consultation is to improve instructional management strategies between the student and the task. By maintaining this goal in mind, EAA is able to support successful engagement with the material. 

Colleges/Trade Schools

We coexist and partner with "Institutions of Higher Learning" to achieve stellar results for our students while collaborating with faculty and staff. Many of our Academic Coaches have been employed at schools where our EAA students are attending. 


We believe it's important to review the student's progress continuously and provide regular feedback to our parents. Keeping parents in the loop, will ensure students are challenged and encouraged to achieve their best. A report is generated and sent to the student, parent and EAA Academic Coordinator after each session. Sample Template Report 


EAA Coaches aren’t seen as third party individuals who threaten the philosophies of respected “Institutions of Higher Learning”. They maintain relationships at respective colleges while building new ones. EAA Coaches gather information, communicate with professors, attend meetings with collegiate staff and preserve a sense of camaraderie amongst their colleagues.

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