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School Supports 
In Middle and High School; students are bombarded with assignments and exams. The Coach will focus less on material and more on the way the student approaches the assignments. The EAA Coach will work one-on-one with the student; making for a unique learning experience that builds on the student's personal strengths, instills confidence, and encourages an interest in learning. By addressing behavior and habits first, we can create a platform for productive outcomes. Of note; EAA will sit in on IEP/transition meetings if requested by parent(s).
EAA Coaches can assist with the following:
•Memory techniques
•How to study for tests
•How to organize a writing assignment
•How to break down long-term assignments
•Relaxation techniques
•Reading Comprehension
•Attentive Listening
•Emotional health and maturity
•Stress management
•Communication skills